Idle Sundays at Selfridges

London | 13 January 2013 - 24 February 2013

Idle Sundays at Selfridges

Join us every Sunday for a series of talks presented by the Idler Academy. Whether you’re into fishing, the Romantic poets or cloud spotting, they offer the chance for quiet, thoughtful contemplation. 

Sunday 13 January, 1pm  - Tom Hodgkinson on the art of idling

Kick back with the editor of the Idler and author of the best-selling How to be Idle, as he shares his top tips for the idle life, and shows you how to create islands of calm and reflection amid the hubbub.

Sunday 13 January, 1.45pm  - Songs of idleness

Be transported to a calmer age with a beautiful lute recital and performance of Renaissance madrigals with Christopher Goodwin and Jeni Melia.
 Sit back and listen to beautiful madrigals in praise of idleness. Christopher Goodwin is chairman of the Lute Society.

Sunday 20 January, 1pm -  Moonlight with James Attlee

It is only since the rollout of artificial lighting in our cities that human beings have lost touch with the cycles of the moon. Author James Attlee’s talk, based on his acclaimed book Nocturne will take us on a journey to rediscover this ancient connection, following his progress from the streets of his own neighbourhood as far afield as Japan and the Arizona desert in search of undiluted moonlight.

Sunday 27 January, 1pm - The Poetry of Silence with Sir Timothy Ackroyd and Clare Pollard

Come and listen to actor Sir Timothy Ackroyd reading from Keats and the Romantic poets, with commentary and analysis from poet and teacher Clare Pollard.

Sunday 3 February, 1pm - Dr Mark Vernon on Aristotle, Epicurus and the Vita Contemplativa

Mark Vernon is an author, teacher and the Idler Academy's Head of Philosophy. Today he takes us on a journey back to Ancient Greece, when the great philosophers Aristotle and Epicurus praised the quiet life.

Sunday 10 February, 1pm - Chris Yates on Fishing and Silence

Chris Yates is a celebrated angler and author of How to Fish and Nightwalks. This afternoon he joins us for a discussion of angling as meditation, and tells stories of his night-time rambles, when all your senses are sharpened.

Sunday 17 February, 1pm - Gavin Pretor-Pinney on the pleasures of cloud spotting

Gavin is founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society and author of The Cloudspotter's Guide, an international best-seller. This afternoon he takes us on a fascinating journey through the skies, identifying cloud types and encouraging us all.

Sunday 24 February, 1pm -  Rachel Johnson and Tom Hodgkinson on low-effort parenting

Novelist and journalist Rachel Johnson, sister of Boris and daughter of high-achieving Stanley Johnson, reckons that selfish parents create successful children. This afternoon she debates the issue of pushy parents with Tom Hodgkinson, who attempts to combine idle parenting with Latin lessons for his children.

Every Sunday, from 13 January until 24 February at books on LG, Selfridges London. 

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