Selfridges launches its biggest ever Christmas Shop

— 3 September 2012

Selfridges launches its BIGGEST EVER Christmas Shop

Selfridges London has opened its biggest ever Christmas Shop on Monday 3 September, pulling out all the stops to create the ultimate festive utopia with all the trimmings. 

Located in a fabulous new space, the Lower Ground Floor Ultralounge is now brimming with a glittering array of Christmas decorations, fairy-lit Christmas trees and oodles of wrapping paper and Christmas cards.

Each area is carefully curated by stories, allowing you to channel Nordic, Traditional, Snowdrift and Country Lodge chic into your home with ease. From stylish stockings, inspiring advent calendars, remarkable wreaths and crackers, this is your one stop shop for an extraordinary Christmas.

It doesn’t just look like Christmas, it smells like it too. Bespoke scents of spice cake, marzipan, ginger cake and forest scents filter throughout the shop to get you in the festive mood.

Visit the Christmas shop in the Ultralounge on LG at Selfridges London or shop online now.