Exclusive Barbie x Sadie Williams for London Fashion Week

— 11 February 2014

Exclusive Barbie x Sadie Williams for London Fashion Week

Sadie Williams delves into the new Barbie Style! collection and presents a gang of tomboy princesses, each wearing a unique shimmery A-line gown - available exclusively at Selfridges.

Each of the five Barbie Style! dolls Williams has dressed is a special edition one-off, available exclusively from the Barbie department in Selfridges London's Toy Shop, from Friday 14 February, the first day of London Fashion Week.

London-based designer Williams, who stole Barbie's heart at the recent Central Saint Martin's MA show, was Barbie's first choice to create the perfect party attire.

Williams says: "I wanted to create a Barbie gang of ultra princessy tomboys.  I've always been a bit of a tomboy, and at the same time I love dressing up.  I wanted my Barbies to encapsulate these playful elements by creating special shimmering gowns, each a one-off featuring my hand worked textiles."

Each outfit features a mix-up of hand-collaged prints which reference vintage sports clothing, graphic Amish quilts, and abstract shapes seen in the work of Frank Stella. With an MA in Textiles For Fashion, Williams specialises in using a heat press to bond fabrics in multi-layers, which gives these bespoke gowns their bold silhouette. Her strength of innovation has garnered her many fans including Marc by Marc Jacobs and Katie Hillier.

Barbie Style! dolls feature Barbie and her BBFFs - Barbie Best Friends Forever - dressed in the latest teen-inspired trends, and invite girls to express their own sense of style by mixing and matching outfits (sold separately) and accessories amongst friends to create the perfect look - just like in real life.  Each Barbie Style! doll comes with a look book featuring 10 pages of styling tips and ideas, and is available from the Barbie department at Selfridges.

See Sadie's Barbies come to life in this extraordinary stop-motion film.

Sadie Williams' exclusive sweatshirts for adults are also available online now.

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