Discover emerging UK footwear talent at Selfridges

— 14 January 2013

Discover emerging UK footwear talent at Selfridges

Visit the Shoe Galleries at Selfridges London from 7 January to find a unique exhibition by two of Britain’s most exciting new footwear designers: Cat Potter and Victoria Spruce.

Both working with unique materials and methods, and specializing in bespoke, high-concept sculptures, the young British designers’ work has never before been seen in a retail environment. 

Victoria Spruce - Selfridges Shoe Galleries

Victoria Spruce is exhibiting her graduate collection from Royal College of Art in the Selfridges Shoe Galleries. The collection draws inspiration from the idea of continuous lines, which transpires as the heel of the shoes appearing to become part of the upper – evolving up and around the foot as twisted sculptural sections and straps. Victoria’s interest in new technology has seen her work extensively with 3D printing, a process which she combines with traditional shoemaking principles in her work.

Cat Potter - Selfridges Shoe Galleries

Swiss-born Cat Potter is a London-based fashion artist specializing in conceptual footwear. Her PERNILLA collection, exhibited at Selfridges, steps out of the traditional concept of footwear and blurs the line between ‘shoe’ and ‘artefact’. The result is a series of sophisticated and elegant sculptural forms made from different types of wood (Walnut, Sapele and Pear) that trace the silhouette form of the foot on the inside, diffusing its profile on the outside.

Find the exciting collections in the Shoe Galleries on 2 at Selfridges London, accompanied by original sketches and an insight into their inspirations.

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