Christian Louboutin Nail Colour launches at Selfridges

— 14 August 2013

Christian Louboutin Rouge

King of the red sole, Christian Louboutin is making his first foray into the world of beauty with Louboutin Nail Colour. The collection has launched with the signature 'Rouge Louboutin', followed by the full range of 30 luxury nail colours - soon to be available exclusively at Selfridges.

Christian Louboutin’s iconic red sole was born after a chance encounter with a stroke of red nail colour. 22 years later, the designer is giving back to beauty with the launch of his first ever nail colour, Rouge Louboutin - matching the exact shade of his famous red sole.

Coming soon exclusively to Selfridges, the full collection of 30 shades are all inspired by iconic Louboutin shoes and grouped into three families: The Pops, The Noirs and The Nudes.

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