When Selfridges met: the cast of Mr Selfridge

— 17 January 2013

See what happened when we went behind the scenes to meet Jeremy Piven, Katherine Kelly and the rest of the Mr Selfridge cast to talk shopping and the charismatic Harry Gordon Selfridge. 

Jeremy Piven is clearly embracing the spirit of Harry Gordon Selfridge. ‘It’s a tribute to [Harry] and the store that here we are 100 years later and they’re still so on their game. He was the one that came up with the customer comes first and you treat them as guests, and from the moment you walk in you get that feeling. He wanted [shopping at Selfridges] to be a real experience, like no other.’ 

Katherine Kelly, who plays Lady Mae Loxley, was equally enamoured. ‘We talk about out admiration for people like Alan Sugar, but [Harry Gordon Selfridge] was doing it long before they were even thought of. After reading the book I did walk into Selfridges with a different feeling.’ Mr Selfridge is on Sunday, 9pm ITV1. Find out more at itv.com

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