When Selfridges met Paul Smith

— 28 October 2011

When Selfridges met Paul Smith

The world of  Paul Smith came to Selfridges London on Friday 28 October with the exclusive Cutter collection pop-up shop, which uses photography to replicate every detail of Paul Smith's office and provides a fascinating insight into his creative process.

To mark the occasion we caught up with the man himself to discuss British fashion, the importance of a good shoe and why he loves to collect things.

Can you tell us the inspiration behind the exclusive collection and installation?
With regard to the installation I wanted to let the customer enter my world, which is full of objects, books and curiosities. The collection is taking classic styles but giving them a new look.

Your Selfridges installation reveals your penchant for collecting things. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever collected?
As you say, my collections are very varied. It’s quite hard to identify one collection as a lot are quite random. Probably the strangest is sugar lumps from around the world!

How important are shoes to a man's outfit?
I often think a good quality pair of shoes is one of the most important items a man should own.

What shoes do you have on today?
Lizard skin loafers in dark brown. I always find loafers very comfortable and easy to wear.

What do you love about British fashion?
British designers have a confidence to create things which are very exciting and not necessarily following obvious trends.

What would you be doing if you weren’t designing?
Probably a shopkeeper or ideally a photographer.


Paul Smith's pop up installation

For your Paul Smith shoe fix visit the men’s shoe salon on Level 1 from 28 October to 24 November.

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