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Selfridges' Project Ocean is taking a stand for marine conservation for a third year running and for 2013, we’re challenging the world to think differently about sharks. As part of our ongoing retail activism campaign, Selfridges is setting out to rehabilitate the image of sharks for the good of the planet because healthy shark populations are a sign of a healthy ocean. Selfridges' Beauty Department has become 100% free of all shark by-products to help the Save Our Sharks campaign and generate awareness for the plight of our oceans.

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  • Limited edition
  • Creme De La Mer
  • World Ocean
  • Moisturising cream intense
  • Crème de la Mer's limited edition World Ocean's Day moisturizing cream jar commemorates the importance of World Ocean's Day and supports ocean conservation efforts in the UK through BLUE Marine Foundation, and worldwide through Oceana. Born from the sea, the legendary Crème de la Mer has the power to transform the look of skin.
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  • La Prairie
  • Advanced Marine Range
  • Immerse your skin in the rejuvenating power of the sea with La Prairie's Advanced Marine Biology Starter Kit. Advanced Marine Biology, a marine-derived skincare line, contains superior formulas and age-fighting benefits perfect for those who seek eco-friendly products. An anti-ageing complex, anti-oxidants and mega-rich sea nutrients combine to energise, protect and renew your skin. La Prairie has made serious skincare as powerful as the deep sea itself.
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  • Aethic
  • Sovee suncreen SPF 40
  • Made with organic moisturisers, Aethic Sôvée sunscreen SPF 15 is safer and softer for your skin and completely safe in our oceans. Tested in both Tropical and Mediterranean waters by the leading Marine Scientist from a major Italian university, Aethic Sôvée has been proven 100 percent eco-compatible and is the world's first sunscreen to be certified Marine Positive. You can protect and nurture your skin, knowing that you are not damaging life in the oceans.
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Research suggests that unless we change the way we fish and the seafood we choose to eat, global stocks will be fully exploited within the next generation. You can help make a difference by using this guide when choosing seafood at the fish counter or from restaurant menus.

How to use this guide

Fish to eat

Are from well managed, sustainable stocks or farms, or are not currently affected by demand or fishing methods. We sell many of them when available!

Fish to avoid

Are from unsustainable, over fished, highly vulnerable or poorly managed fisheries or farming systems. Or they may have high levels of by-catch – that’s fish caught unintentionally whilst trying to catch other fish, and then thrown back dead. We don’t sell them – but we recommend an alternative whenever we can!

Selfridges recommends

The alternatives to fish to avoid we recommend for similar taste and texture.

FISH TO EAT: Click here to see the fish to eat…

FISH TO AVOID: Click here to see the fish to avoid…

Haddock Faroe Plateau, Rockall, Irish Sea Fish to eat icon Haddock Haddock North East Arctic, North Sea, Skagerrak (All but seine caught) Kattegat Skate and Rays All Skate, Blonde, Sandy, Shagreen, Undulate and Small Eyed Rays. Thornback, Cuckoo and Starry Rays from all other sources. Selfridges recommends icon Selfridges recommends Halibut Atlantic (farmed, onshore system) Hake Rainbow Spanish and Portuguese waters (Southern Stock) Selfridges recommends icon Selfridges recommends Haddock North East Arctic, North Sea, Skagerrak (All but seine caught) Kattegat Salmon Atlantic, from any stock below conservation limits Fish to eat icon Salmon Pacific (All species, Alaska), Atlantic (farmed, organic certified) Halibut Atlantic (wild caught), Greenland (NE Arctic, Iceland, East Greenland) Fish to eat icon Halibut Atlantic (Farmed, onshore system) Tuna Albacore Long line and pelagic trawl (North Atlantic, Indian Ocean), Mediterranean Fish to eat icon Tuna Trawled (South Pacific) Herring, or Sild Celtic Seas (Via South, Villib) Bothnian Bay Selfridges recommends icon Selfridges recommends Herring or Sild , MSC Certified, Bothnian Sea and Iceland Scampi or Langoustine Alaska or Walleye Portuguese Coast, North Galicia, Cantabrian Sea Selfridges recommends icon Selfridges recommends Prawn (King and Tiger) farmed (organic certified) Cod Atlantic Norwegian Coast, Greenland, Faroes Bank, Kattegat, Skagerrak, North Sea, E Channel, West Scotland, Irish Sea, Rockall Selfridges recommends icon Selfridges recommends Cod North East Arctic, Eastern Baltic, Iceland Marlin All areas Selfridges recommends icon Selfridges recommends Swordfish harpooned (SE Pacific) Sea Bass Pelagic trawled Fish to eat icon Seabass Farmed (closed system) Tuna Bluefin All sources (including ranched) Selfridges recommends icon Selfridges recommends Yellowfin Tuna (troll, pole & line, NFPS E & WC Pacific, IO, Maldives, EEZ) Shark and Dogfish Rock Salmon Nursehound (Bay of Biscay, Iberian Waters) Spurdog Sole SW (beam trawled), W Ireland and Irish Sea Fish to eat icon Sole North Sea, Eastern Channel (Gilnet) Celtic Sea (trawl), Western Channel Plaice Pelagic trSkagerrak (other sources) Celtic Sea, South West Ireland, West Ireland Selfridges recommends icon Selfridges recommends Dab or Lemon Sole (seine netted, North Sea) as an alternative Eel European (Inc farmed) and Conger. Swordfish Mediterranean Fish to eat icon Swordfish Harpooned, (SE Pacific) Whitebait All sources Selfridges recommends icon Selfridges recommends Anchovies from Bay of Biscay Grey Mullet Commercial line fishery (Cornwall) Selfridges recommends icon Selfridges recommends Bream Gilthead, farmed (organic certified) Prawn Wild caught; non certified farm Fish to eat icon Prawn (King and Tiger), Farmed (Organic certified) Sturgeon, Caviar Celtic Sea Fish to eat icon Sturgeon, Caviar Farmed (closed production) Whiting Celtic Sea Back to top